Buy What You Love & You’ll Never Go Wrong


If you’re like me, you love a good value. Shopping a good sale, discovering a good consignment store, scoring at a good estate sale. I love treasures!  A good bargain, or a hefty price – I look for “value” most of all.  My filter is…do I love it, & am I gonna love it for a long time?

Real estate is like that: when you buy what you love, you’ll never go wrong.

In a world where buyers have so much pressure on making the right decision, I want to give you permission to buy what you love.

This new year, I want you to be able to buy your treasure & make yourself at home

Our amazing real estate professionals will do the legwork to ensure that your treasure is also a good value.

Start your home search here: Austin’s Hottest Homes

About Totally Trixie:  Adelina Rotar’s passionate about working with the most talented folks in the world.  Building a “wheel-based” roadmap to life: investing in learning time, challenging work time & engaging in relationships & experiences is the fire that fuels her daily.  Learn more about her business – she’s hiring!


Buy What You Love & You’ll Never Go Wrong

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